Something Interesting

Just recently someone respectfully told me I was an interesting woman. I had never been referred to as “interesting” but it gave me a good feeling. I thought about the word interesting about what that meant…to me I felt as though when I referred to something interesting it was something that I wanted to know more about, something different that got my attention, or was something I wanted to figure out. So when I thought about that in the content of the comment, I was completely flattered. I felt as though someone saw something in me that was unique, and I personally don’t want to be ordinary.

Though ordinary lives aren’t all bad, I strongly feel that there are far too many of us that settle. We were made to have lives worth living, lives that bring happiness and joy to not only us, but people around us. I encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone. Whatever that means in your life, just make sure you are doing the best you can to make your life full. You deserve it. So if there is this awesome new job you want to explore, do it. If you have been waiting a long time to learn how to play that instrument, learn it. If you always possessed some quirky, weird skill and want to show others, share it. Don’t keep it all inside, your ideas and skills can be useful in a world where creativity should be embraced. God gave us skills to use for His glory, so let’s make that happen. Like Sadie Robertson likes to say “live original,” not ordinary.


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