Significance of the Sun

There is something so significant about the sun & moon that many of us overlook.

You see the sun is our main source of energy and gives us life. Without light and use of the sun, plants would not exist, which means oxygen would not exist. If oxygen didn’t exist, us humans and animals would not be able to breathe and live.

The moon reminds us of how important the sun is and helps us understand that even though the sun is not visible, the light is still there in the darkness. But the moon light wouldn’t exist, without the sun.

It all points back to sun in the end.

This just reminds me of scripture, how everything points back to the Son, and how Jesus Christ came to earth to give us eternal life and lead the way to knowing God the Father. Without Jesus Christ, God’s son, we would be deprived of having this life and ever knowing our Creator in a more intimate way.

Mind blown. Good night.


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