Baby Steps

Instead of letting her head fall back onto the pillow,
She gets up much more relieved and free than the day before.
She has a new heart beat,
A new mind set,
A new attitude.
A positive outlook that goes way beyond anything she thought for herself.
It wasn’t the coffee,
Or the song,
Or even the words she read and spoke..
It was a heart,
Not her own heart,
But someone else’s.
Someone that showed her that goodness still existed in humanity.
Someone that beated to a drum and rhythm similar to her own…
It didn’t take much, just love.
Which sounds, complicated, but it’s really very simple.
For once she could finally breathe.
All the times she tried to be that rock for others that didn’t notice, seemed not to matter anymore.
Someone finally noticed her and that was enough.
Forgiveness, is not some make believe mist…
It exists.
And it can change you.


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