The Time I Ran Away…

Out of breath,
A painful sting shoots up the sides of my ribs.
My legs are moving one in front the other, as if they have a mind of their own.
Rocks are stabbing my bare feet as I cross roads or pavements…
Then grassy surfaces,
And I stumble as I cross a ditch, with mud and liquid that surround me,
I struggle to get out of the muck…
Running yet again…
Until I see a fence.
The tallest fence it seems with the most pointy edges surrounding the top.
So I pray and ask for stength.
I climb…it hurts.
I shriek as the bobwire penetrates my thigh…
It tries to stop me, but I go on.
I throw my naked body off the top of the fence onto the other side.
As my bones ache and smash into the hard ground,
I manage to get back on my feet.
Running yet again,
I look up at the sky and search for
A star to guide me to where I’m
Supposed to go.
Look for anything.
Though unsure,
I have no fear,
No second guessing,
Just contentment
And trust that He will lead me.
So I run on…
I run pass trees.
Pass cars.
Pass creatures of the night.
Pass through bushes of thorns
That rip through my flesh and poke the balls of my feet…
Until running & climbing & fighting & pushing is tiresome.
So I find a pasture to rest my body,
I lay down and stare at the sky.
I’m trembling, cold, and alone.
I am just about to fall asleep,
Then burning sensations start to cover my arms…
Fire ants have found me.
Will this ever end?
I need safety, warmth, and comfort to fall asleep.
So I huddle in a corner of a construction site and wrap myself in scraps of insulation.
That’s fine for a while,
Until my body itches everywhere.
Urine runs down my battered legs.
It hits every cut and scratch and leaves them burning…
I look out a glassless window, and start to talk.
As if someone was there, listening to every word I said.
And was there in a spirit.
I knew it.
He knew it.
So I waited for my savior to act,
I sat on the steps
I’ll wait until the sun comes up if I have to.
I did.
He showed up at just the right time,
And loved me despite the state I was in.
All scratched, scarred, filthy, and smelly.
He still picked me up and loved me,
Even though I took the hard way,
Even though I ran far away from him,
Even though I put myself in danger,
Instead of grabbing onto his hand.
He still came through…
So why did I run?
It could have been what was in my system,
But the truth I’ll never know.
But I do know that running caused a lot of pain…
But despite my trials and journey,
I ended up in the safest place.
He comes through,
Have faith.


2 thoughts on “The Time I Ran Away…

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. It takes courage and faith to open your heart and soul to others in such a personal way.

    Oh how we prayed that HE would lead you to a safe place that night! Amid tears, fear for your safety, helplessness, and desperation, our unconditional love for you and faith in our Lord sustained our hope that you would be found. Many were knocking on heaven’s door that heartwrenching night.

    As you continue your journey, please remember how much you are loved by your family and friends. We may not fully understand what you are experiencing (We are each on our personal spiritual journey. Be patient with us. ), but we continually ask the Lord for HIS guidance on how best to support you. We wish we could have spared you the pain and anguish you endured, but that was beyond our power. Know your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being continue to be part of our daily prayers.

    Love you, ma girl!

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