Most Beautiful Heart

She wore a sleeve made of the most beautiful heart.

People would see it. Sometimes they would acknowledge it, while others would turn the other cheek.

But that was okay, she kept it there anyway.

Those that saw it for what it was, got a piece. She hoped it would maybe brighten their life a little more, so she always kept an open door, to those who took the time. Some came in and stayed awhile, and some just took and walked out.

But that’s okay, she still gave anyway.

Many questioned why she gave, for they didn’t understand her ways. Why care for those who took her for granted? But deep inside, she knew that one day they’d remember what she’d done and maybe get a spark to give to someone, just like she gave to them. That would make all the difference, but some didn’t get it.

But that’s okay, she still smiled anyway…

You see she cared for all people. And despite what she went through, she knew that spreading love would make her feel much better about a world like this, and would lead her to a place of bliss.

And her sleeve is still beautiful with that big, bright heart.


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