The Knight

My knight in armor
Came sweeping in.
Guarding me in every way
With love within.

Breathed on every problem
My heart was grasped too.
Rocked me gently
To sweet lullabies,
The whole night through.

What a man he was,
So strong and mighty,
But soft and sweet,
All the same,
Though then I didn’t know his name.

He saved me from the evil one,
Who didn’t care a bit,
About my heart
Or anything
Who made me fall & quit.

All the doubts & insecurities came tumbling to the ground.
With just one touch,
One silent word,
One look
is all it took.

How lucky I am
To have someone,
Who is with me each day.
That listens and cares.
And gives me his helping hand
And loves in every way.


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