House of Disagreements

Mamma said “Money don’t buy happiness.”
Daddy said, “Money is the key.”
Why oh why, must you disagree?

Mamma said, “Let’s go some place really far.”
Daddy said, “How about a tent in the backyard.”
Why oh why, must I go on?

Mamma said, “Let’s talk it out…”
Daddy said, “Do you have to shout?”
Why oh why, I start to pout.

Mamma said, “Pets are welcomed in this house.”
Daddy said, “Animals live outdoors.”
Why oh why, I can’t take anymore.

Mamma said nothing this last time…
Daddy packed his bags and said goodbye.


2 thoughts on “House of Disagreements

  1. Momma said “In the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit”
    Daddy said “Au nom du père et du fils et du saint esprit”
    But all in all everything meant love just in different languages. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. Thanks for sharing Lauren. Your words are so wise and your soul so pure!

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