Blue Moon, Blood Moon

Oh moon, why you look so blue?
Is it something I said?
Did your dream not come true?
Or is the shade of blue you wear not your favorite hue?
Oh moon, please tell me what to do?

Oh moon, you are changing in the night.
What once a darker color is now becoming much more light.
How my heart jumps for joy seeing you shine so bright.
How I pray for you with all my little might.

Oh moon, the dawn is closing in.
The sun is peeking once again.
Remember, time has no mercy and will not defend.
It’s up to you to show what lays within.
It’s time to stand up to show your worth.
So come on and step forth.

Oh moon, the transformation has come to finish.
The blue now a different color that has no blemish.
This color now brighter, with a burning flame.
The color with the most beautiful name.
A name often misunderstood.
Oh moon, you shine the color of the purest blood.

Blood moon, this new identity resurrects from this very page.
It offers new life and a coming of age.
You once felt captured, like a slave in the coldest cage.
Now free from bondage and rage.

Blood moon, this freedom is full of bountiful life.
So say goodbye to all the heartache and strife.
Blood moon, you stand for love.
So shine forever brightly up above.


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