Thoughts on Abortion

So driving home from running errands after work, I’m listening to music with windows down letting sunshine hit me, like usual and I’m trying to think of more things I can talk to Jesus about and I really don’t know what to say, so I just simply ask Him how He is feeling today, nonchalently. Within a few moments I get thoughts of this planned parenthood crisis coming through my mind. I get “you know this saddens my heart, but I still love My people” to this I’m thinking how sad He must really feel seeing all these posts come to light and how much people question Him, and I also try to imagine how there must be a ton of kids in heaven from all the babies that have died over the years due to this. I then hear from Him, “yes there are many, but each one prays for their mothers to come to Christ, come to Me, and are waiting patiently to celebrate when they do.” How powerful is this?!? Babies that have been murdered by their mothers, the mothers that have ruined the chance of giving them life, are praying for them. This is love. I’m completely touched by this and thank Jesus for sharing part of His feelings and thoughts with me. Praying for these mothers and for the ones deliberating this choice. I know in my heart that this horrid thing that has been accepted in our country for far much too long will soon come to an end! Thank You, Jesus!


One thought on “Thoughts on Abortion

  1. Our prayers must persist fervently. We, too, should pray for the mothers and fathers caught up in the abortion cycle. Prayers should be offered to change the hearts of those in the medical field who perform abortions and those who promote it socially.

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