Things learned in a year…

1. I have battled depression/anxiety my whole life. It started when I was young, due to dramatic events in my life then and now. Though just learning about it now and being treated for it, I can now understand what it means and move on from it.

2. Depression & anxiety aren’t apart of me. Even though I’ve had this battle with it for a while, these things aren’t apart of my identity. Depression and anxiety are things sprung on to a person due to something happening in their lives. Detaching it from who you are gives you so much hope and allows you to look ahead at a life of freedom.

3. People need kindness & love. The only way to bring others to Christ is by giving off love. Being in low places, helps me realize and understand that hurting people are just like anyone else. These people just need love, or in other words a friend, a kind word, a helping hand, and listener.

4. I am creative. Before I learned these new realizations about myself, I lived a life consumed with fear. I constantly would be fed lies from the enemy that held me back. The more I study the word and surround myself with encouraging people, the more I learn about who I truly am. God has given us gifts and talents that are unique and set apart from anyone else. You can use your creativity for so much good!

5. I am beautiful. God has created me in his image. Though on earth we are flawed, we are beautifully flawed. I now embrace my image and love myself for who God made me to be.

7. Don’t let the opinions of others effect you. So living that old life in a fearful state, of course I was worried of judgement, rejection, and criticism. Do not be afraid to share your truths, share your insight, and love. Stand strong on the foundation you’ve built, be confident in yourself and know that you are making a difference in some way.

8. Jesus is the answer to all of life’s problems. Accepting Jesus in your heart will change you forever, it’s that simple.

9. Even when you feel like giving up, remain consistent in prayer. There are many times still, where I find myself in this funk of am I praying right? Or what am I supposed to say? Or even times where I feel like the enemy has taken my joy. But you must stay consistent and get it back. Jesus is listening, he cares and loves you so very much. Faith will bring you through whatever is in your way.

10. I have the power to make changes. We all have the power to make changes for the better. To better yourself, to better others, to make the world a more loving place. Believe in yourself and all that you are. If God is on your side, there is nothing that can come in your way to dim the light from within.


3 thoughts on “Things learned in a year…

  1. Lauren, love how you have recognized life’s struggles and found solutions for the low times. That shows growth and maturity.
    I know many that live their whole life without this type of wisdom. You go, girl ❤️

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