Get to the Point

A large vocabulary
Is so overrated.
Just keep it simple
And get to the point.

We don’t have all day
And surely not all night.
We have plans to get to,
And choices to make.
A world to reach out to, so much is at stake.

To preach to the crowd,
You have to speak from the heart.
Try not to confuse and deceive,
With what you think’s art.

The picture is bigger,
Than me and you.
It’s so much more than the mind can contain in its view.

The universe is mysterious.
There’s much to reveal,
But you have to let go
Of what many conceal.

Just be yourself.
Don’t let the clowns get ahold
Of the places between
Your heart and your soul.

Stand firm on the ground
You worked so hard to build.
Trust in the small voice,
And you’ll soon be fulfilled.


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