Song of Solomon

“Do not stir up nor awaken love, until it pleases.” Song of Solomon 3:5

Read this and boy did it click. So often we “look for love in all the wrong places.” We search for the one “whom our soul loves.” The law of attraction takes over and we draw close to people who we think are worth getting to know. We stir up this plan and start setting expectations about people we feel are connected to us. Sometimes we even force a relationship, even when we know that there are pieces missing. Why?! Why do we do this to others and ourselves? I know why I do, I long to love and be loved. But little do we know, that we must first know what love is. Love isn’t the mushy, gushy, kissy, kissy stuff we see on tv and in movies. It isn’t the hot and heavy, intense stuff we read about in novels. It’s so much more than that. Real love is unconditional, it’s stable, it’s patient, understanding, selfless, and everything good and peaceful. We must understand what love is, to be able to love and know what kind of love you deserve from someone else. The only way to learn this, is by knowing your Father. After all He is love itself. So don’t try to search, don’t try to force and expect it. Try knowing the Creator of love and it will fall into your lap. You’ll find that special someone when you least expect it and it will be the love of your wildest dreams. So beautiful and breathtaking, the love that you pray for, hope far, and are meant far.



3 thoughts on “Song of Solomon

  1. “My dear one is mine and I am his.” A beautiful song indeed as the young woman defends her true love against the desire of king. There is no taking her love for the humble shepherd boy. She has strong defenses against the king and his advances. Nice subject.

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