Music turned on,
To that Lana tune
Ringlets fall,
Lipstick on
Wearing that outfit again…

We jump on in,
And head to the night
Strut our stuff,
Like to dance in the light.
Swinging our hair back & forth
Hands in the air
Tonight we don’t care…

Shakin’ are hips to the beat,
So many faces to meet.
Eyes on us.
We just laugh,
But sometimes we blush.
Until, someone says a word
Right in your ear,
Then you pretend
That you’re too drunk to hear…

Drink one, was easy
Then here comes two…or four?
Before it was fun,
With nothing on your mind.
Then the thoughts rush in that you tried leaving behind.

All of a sudden what was once funny,
Leaves you in tears,
With unwelcomed thoughts
Of sadness and anger.
You just want to punch a wall
Or give him a call…

What started as games,
Has left a sting.
So you go home, alone,
With much emptiness;
And a headache from hell,
But soon you can tell,
Tomorrow, you’ll forget
All of this.


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