You shove that burger in your mouth.
You crave weird things,
Then throw them down.
These things control your mind and thoughts.
Only to make you feel gross and lost.

We look around and see the world,
We see kids that are starving with nothing to eat.
Then we shop for the items to create such a feast.
We complain when the food doesn’t taste any good,
But to people in low places we are so misunderstood.

We throw out the vegetables that we don’t really like,
When someone, somewhere needs just a bite of that to survive.
So sick, so selfish to even see.
That people are dying from something to us that comes so free.

So think again before you need that meal.
Think again before you waste when you feel.
It’s all about moderation.
So try to resist the taste of temptation.
Your eyes can play tricks,
So don’t give in to the mix.
You are stronger and wiser than all of this.


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