Leap at once…


For so long I lived a life consumed with fear…fear of what people would think, fear of failure, fear of acceptance, fear of judgements, fear of myself. I encourage you today to step out of the bubble of self doubt, worrying about other’s opinions, and thinking your voice is not important. Your voice is important and your thoughts & ideas can make change happen. Even if it’s just a small change, speaking out and sharing parts of you can encourage and inspire someone else. We all have talents & gifts that God has given us. Use yours! The only way to see what you are made of is by doing! Be a doer, take that chance, make that risk, jump into the unknown. Because through that unknown, you will find out more about yourself, more about others, and more about God.

Just a small ounce of faith can move a mountain, so move the mountains in your life. You are brave, strong, unique, and so very capable. I know you are, He knows you are, so start believing you are!

With love,


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