Grave Digging

You pick up your shovel
And you dig and you dig….

You dig for love.
You dig for good looks.
You dig for a purpose,
A cure,
An answer
That you won’t ever get.

You dig for acceptance,
You dig for a plan,
You dig for someone else,
You dig with no intention at all and get damned.

But sometimes you do get answers that never feather out…
So you pick up your shovel.
You stop & think for awhile.

Then you move a little over to the left…
Or maybe the right?
You pick up that shovel and you dig.

But this time it’s harder.
The hole you were once accustomed to got so deep.
So dark, but it was easy.
You’ve come so far.

This new grave, is all new.
You have to break through that first layer.
The hardest layer to get past.

But once you break free,
You never know…
That hole that your digging may not be a hole at all.

It could be that time,
Where all that digging stops.
This time you’ve found what you’re looking for.

That safe place to call home.
A place of contentment.
And finally you throw that shovel in the hole.

You bury it.
You wash your hands,
And you rest.


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