Temptation’s Drum

Hot summer day
Filled with laughter & friends,
Started just right…

Told herself she’d be okay..
What’s there to fear,
I have nothing but good intentions.

Intentions get twisted.
They mix with temptation
Get a hold of it girl,
Your losing it.

But the kiss was sweet,
Or so she thought.
Every word just slid right to her heart.

His body warm against her skin.
The touch just right.
Oh how, it’s what she missed.

So the night went on…
A bit too long,
But she didn’t want it to end.

She went to bed with stars in her eyes,
She hung on to that last good time.
Prayed it meant to him what it did to her.

Morning came and the day went on,
Just like she was afraid all along.
Regret set in and she denied it’s tug,
On her heart that beat to temptations drum…


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