Sunshine, Come Find Me

Sunshine, come find me.
I’m waiting for you.
Waiting to feel you,
Waiting to spin.

Spin, like wheels of that
Raggety bike.
The bike that took me
On the most exhausting ride.

I’m getting off now.
So beam away
Show me the warmth that can make me anew.
This tiredness is making me blue…

So sunshine, I need you.
Don’t pick a fight.
I just wanna hold you.
In the palm of my hand.

Tell you I love you.
Show you my plans.

Is that too much to ask?
Too much at stake?
I gave you my heart.
And it burned and it burned.

But, that’s okay sunshine.
I don’t hold a grudge.
We all make mistakes.
We live and we learn.


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