A place of the crazies
Or so I thought…

You make judgements about others,
Until your part of their clan.
Then you realize
You aren’t better
Than him, her, or it.
You learn to be patient,
From each coming fit.

You hear their screams, cries, and stories….
Then learn you’re not much different, than Tim, Sue, & Johnny.
You soon start to listen to more than just words,
you soon start to get why people’s lives get turned.

You see, their intention was never to get caught.
Caught up in a life,
Where they fought and they fought.
They fought thoughts of darkness, and fought rounds of addictions.
But to finally break free was their only ambition.

They fall on the ground to beg for a chance,
To start all again
And they reach for a hand.
A hand to help them up and see,
A future of freedom and a new place to be.

To be so young and caught in a mess,
I ran from that place,
Different from the rest.
I told myself to never forget,
What I learned there from the people I met.

The only way now,
I’d ever go back
Is to help those that need it
Get back on track.
For they need lots of hope and people to see,
That they were once in the same place as me.

They stood on the road, that split into two.
They had choices to make,
That could have showed them the way through.
Through to the light, instead of the darkness.
A safe place to run to and a place to call home.
Was deep down inside them, so close all along.


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