Family Portrait

You both tried so hard to hold it together.
As a child looking in,
I didn’t see the disfunction,
the rotten parts that soon came to the surface.

We went through the motions,
Like any family does.
But our motions were waiting,
To burn down in flames.

I screamed, “Just make up your mind!”
So many times in my pillow.
I tried hiding it from you both and everyone.
Myself included.
Until hiding caused to much stress,
I just couldn’t do it.

I don’t blame you at all.
For how it played out.
I just blame it on the series of unfortunate events.
I guess it’s called fate or horrible timing.
I’d do it again, but next time we’re fighting.

Just know that my hope, is for yall to be happy.
Don’t think time was wasted or try to go backwards.
Just keep looking forward and time will soon heal.
The wounds that remained from our battles uphill.

We are older now,
And can fly on our own.
So learn about yourselves and fight for what you deserve.
Family will remain and be,
Even though being all together is a distant memory.


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