Hey sweet girl,
Don’t ya know?
All the flaws you thought you had,
Aren’t flaws at all.

That’s what she said to me that day.
Oh how, I wanted to hug her face.
A friend thats dear
Turns your tears around.
Picks you up when you’re feeling down.

What I’d say to you is that you’re beautiful too,
And one day you’ll find,
Every penny threw in the well
Wasn’t wasted time.

You try so hard
To make your dreams come true,
And I pray so very deeply that they do.

Just keep on smiling,
And living,
And dreaming.
Just look around and count your blessings.

The stars don’t lie,
And they have been listening
To your still small voice,
Begging for answers.

So thank you friend for being there.
I wish you happiness,
that lasts a lifetime through.
Oh, how I will forever cherish you.


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