Hey World, Wake Up.

Hey World, why don’t you wake up!
Wake up from this dream,
Wake up from this stuff.
Your meant for more,
Than vanity, drinks, and a puff.

The world, you can’t trust.
They’ll tell you so many lies.
They’ll make you believe,
It was all their design.
They’ll make you settle,
For less than your worth.
And let you believe,
All this crap is welcomed on Earth!

Sex is sacred, passionate and true.
It isn’t bad.
It’s meant for me and it’s meant for you.
But marriage is key, to doing it right.
Without the vowels,
It causes heartache and strife.

But you are smarter than that.
You were created to be,
Beautifully made,
Part of land of the free.
So don’t fall for it,
For it will bring you dispair.
Look for the truth,
It’s so close, it’s right there.

Just open the Book,
And soon you will find.
Mysteries revealed,
And soon all uncovered,
You’ll learn how to love,
And treat one another.

So trust me when I say,
You are so greatly loved.
By a Father, you see,
That lives up above.
He isn’t trying to stop you from living a dream.
He’s for you and wants to be part of your team!

He wants you to live forever, with life freely given.
He offers a spot just for you in His heaven.
He’s waiting for you to ask for His hand.
To get through it together,
Was always His plan.


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