The World is Ours.

Why we run the world…

We’re smarter.
Have better hair,
and better legs.

We come in different sizes, shapes, and exotic colors.
These qualities don’t define us, though.

Our laughs are contagious
And so are our dance moves.

We win at everything,
and not just because you let us.

We can talk with our eyes,
and also our hands.

We keep things together,
when we have way more going on.

We’re creative.
Nurturing and care more than anything.

Don’t take us too lightly.
When we fight, we fight.

Our hearts are fragile,
but our wills are strong.

We are your support system, and
are powerful in more ways than one.

We know what we want,
even though we sometimes change our minds.

Beauty is in us and on the outside too.
Our smiles capture your hearts.
So don’t underestimate us.

We are patient.
Complicated, yet simple.
And so much more.

The world is ours….


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