Walkin’ by faith no matter the price…

“For we walk by faith not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5:7

Has anyone ever told you that you had “too much” faith? The truth is that person may not have enough. It is so important to stand firm in the truths you know. By staying committed to God’s word, you will encounter so many blessings and can help bring others to Christ in the process. Being a Christian is so rewarding, but is not always easy. Expect people placed in your life to question your intentions and not understand sometimes. People who don’t know Jesus’ love will not understand your actions all the time, they will be confused, and they will question your sudden changes in actions & attitude. Don’t let other’s beliefs and criticisms discourage you. Don’t judge the people around you who don’t get it, either. Love them regardless and pray for them. Focus on your own relationship with Christ, and the other relationships in your life will work themselves out the way God intended. Keep the good faith, and persevere. God is on your side and acknowledges all your intentions to grow closer to Him. He loves you and is so proud of you.

With love,



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