Take Control


Funny how thoughts can consume you.
They creep in your mind
and they stick like glue.
But honey let me say this,
it’s all up to you,
to take control.

Take control of the demons
don’t let them devour your mind.
Take control of the little things
that run wild.
We may be strong, but sometimes we’re weak.
But that doesn’t mean, it’s how it’s
supposed to be.

It can be good, even when the rides bad.
It’s up to you to make it worthwhile.
As long as you get up, when your ass is on the ground.
You’ll make it through, until the next go-round.

Remember to keep your beautiful smile.
‘Cause You are the light in the dark.
Even when you don’t want to believe it,
get up and dance. Baby, it ain’t so bad.

Baby, just get out of your mind.
Just get out of your beautiful mind.
Life is all about those chances we take,
So make it count, and leave it  behind.
So make it count, and leave it behind.


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