For so long, I asked God why am I the way I am?
Why do I feel so much?
Why am I so sensitive?
Why do I see things differently?
Why can’t I just be normal, like everyone else?
Why doesn’t anybody understand me?

Today, on the lake as I looked around.
I saw the bluest sky, with the most beautiful clouds.
I saw birds flying around looking for fish or trees to rest on.
I saw the most delicate lilies floating on top the surface.
The trees were magnificent,  the sun was beaming, and the stillness was so peaceful.

If I didn’t have the eyes I have I wouldn’t have seen the beauty in everything around me, and
If I didn’t have the heart I have I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it for what it is. A miracle. God’s creations are such a blessing. I am so grateful He created me for who I am.

I am grateful for my sensitivity, my compassion for people and living things, my heart that never skips a beat, and for making me the woman I am despite life’s obstacles. I can’t help, but smile and look around and just say thank You.


6 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. So true! It is the simple things in life, Gods creations that we sometimes take for granted. You are very wise for your age. It took me many years to finally realize that about life. You are an amazing young woman! Keep up those inspiring blogs, you will make a difference!

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  2. Lauren, I can relate to your feelings of being different. The Lord has provided you with extraordinary insight that allows you to see below the surface and appreciate the wonders HE has created. Some people have been given different gifts so they cannot see what you see.

    Your insights are beautiful and inspiring because they come from your soul! Your words paint a virtual image of what you experienced for those who cannot see for themselves for whatever reason.

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