The ultimate gentleman

Did you know that the Holy Spirit desires us? The Holy Spirit wants to fill us up completely and guide our every step. He offers joy, happiness, contentment, and love freely. No matter who we are or where we come from, it’s ours! The Holy Spirit will not force it on you. He is such a gentleman, he patiently waits for you to yield to Him and welcome Him in your heart. He is so gentle and cares so much, he’ll never go away or leave. He just waits. Waits for us to choose to understand how much Jesus loves us. Waits for us to finally get how attainable a relationship with God is on Earth. That is a beautiful thing.

Holy Spirit, I pray you fill me up from “my nose to my toes,” like my friend used to say. Fill me up completely. Fill me up so I never forget and can always maintain the presence of my Father. My Father who loves me so much, who loves us all so much. Help me to spread Your love wherever I go to bring others closer to You as well. Thank You Jesus for conquering the world and giving us life.


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