To the boy in blue


To the boy in blue:
I took this picture to simply remember you…
Though I didn’t know then that this photograph would mean so much,
I look back at you and wonder where you are.
What you are doing?
When we left your village, what did you receive from our time with you?
Though many think you have so little,
I believe you have a lot.
You have a lot of love from your momma and siblings,
You have a lot of captivating scenery around you, making God’s presence available in a glance.
You come from scraps of metal put together being called your shelter,
You walk and sleep on the dirt ground, and drink and bathe in unsanitary water. You wear clothes that have been passed down, or found on the street,
but these things don’t define you.
In the world I come from, things like this are important, but you see things differently.
I look in your eyes in this photograph and see not just a boy in blue, but a soul that knows truth.
To have your eyes for just one day….
I’m sure I’d see the world differently too.


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