“You make beautiful things out of the dust…”

I heard the song “You Make Beautiful Things” by Gungor this afternoon and I couldn’t help writing about it. The lyrics read “You make beautiful things out of the dust, you make beautiful things out of us.” Has anyone felt like the dust before? I tried imagining the times I felt like dust: hopeless, empty, lonely, like nothing. How did I come out of the rut? Who did I turn too? Family, friends, or a partner, would probably be most of our answers and mine too, but what about the times when those people weren’t around, didn’t understand our problems, & couldn’t find the words to comfort us; what did we do then? How in the hell did we find peace? All these questions, yet no answer.

Well, there is hope. This song proves it.

You can come from dirt; nothing; you can be so empty you have lost all hope. You can come from the lowest of low places (and I mean low). You can have an identity that has gone to crap, no money, not a single lick of motivation, and ya know what? It doesn’t even matter. You might be saying “What do you mean it doesn’t matter??” Someone in that predicament sounds pretty lame and useless. Well, thank goodness we have a God and not just any God. We have a God that can make all things new, even you. Yes, you! So what’s the trick, huh? How does God transform you from the inside out? Listen hear….all you have to do is say YES! Say “yes, God, you have full permission to change my life. I have full trust in You that you will turn my rags into riches, my tears into laughter, my darkness into light.” It takes mounds of faith for this to happen. You don’t get to the point of surrendering overnight. But don’t give up the good fight. If I did it, so can you.

Love, Lauren


2 thoughts on ““You make beautiful things out of the dust…”

  1. Lauren this is a very good read for all!! We are all at low places in our lives at one point or another! We all
    must learn to walk by faith not by sight & the blessing from God will fall at our feet! Thanks for sharing:)


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